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The Family Always Comes First

family_historySome people are so driven to be successful at their careers, vocations or hobbies they make a serious mistake. They do not pay attention to the one group that provides the most support, encouragement and acceptance—the family.

Any individual may have different goals or want to try other things, such as jobs. A lawyer may be tried of the paperwork and decides he wants to be a salesman. A salesman may want to be a mechanic. A journalist may want to go from newspaper reporting to public relations.

Sometimes these career choices are thrown upon you. There will be cases where you become tired of “the same-old grind” and will seek a change. In other cases, you may lose your job, and have to start a new career.

Your family is going to be your support group, and they cannot be ignored. The drive for success, the stress of changing careers and the uncertainty that comes with unemployment are major issues. They can make you want to devote your time to nothing else at the expense of your family.

However, whatever you decide should ultimately be for the benefit of the family. Just as important is that the family should be involved. have an obligation to tell your spouse everything about the situation. Next, depending on their ages, the children have to be told and assured that some things may change, but the family will always be together.

If the possibility of relocation appears to be a likely scenario, you have an obligation of telling your family that a move to another city or state may be possible. Children do not want to leave their friends. Explain how through technology, their ‘best friends forever,’ can still be their best friends.

Tell them about the possibility of starting a new adventure. There will be problems that will have to be addressed. Your oldest daughter may miss her prom. Your son may miss his chance as starting quarterback. Explain that you are doing everything to avoid those possibilities. However, some things are beyond our control. Promise to look at all options and to discuss the final decision with them.

You have an obligation to your family to discuss finances. Yes, you lost your job, but you got a severance package. You have money for such emergencies, but everyone is going to have to cut back. Those possibilities could include things like reducing the number of cable channels you subscribe to each month, changing your telephone plan, and that everyone has to be more conscious about turning off lights.

The buzzword in business has been and continues to be “networking” This is the process where you advance your career by meeting the right people that may offer new possibilities. Your goal is to support your family, but you do not have to do it alone. Your family will support you if you keep them involved. Tell them what is happening and the changes in lifestyle that may come gradually over time.

Your family is your core network that will provide encouragement and support, if you let them. They trust you as the provider. You now need to trust them as your support network.

Looking After Your Health—Across The Ages

LookafteryourheathWith all the national discussion about health care, the statement is repeated time and time again, that young people should not be forced to purchase insurance.

This is because they believe that they do not get sick.

Who came up with that ridiculous statement?

Children, they are a part of the young people’s class, get sick. The tough diseases like measles, mumps and chicken pox are now prevented by vaccines. However, children still get sick. They get colds, sore throats, sinus infections, ear aches, develop allergies, break various limbs while falling off a swing set, get in fights and sustain injuries and other mishaps, These events usually require visits to the doctors sometimes the emergency room and occasionally will lead to a hospital stay. They get sick. It is the parents, through their insurance, that foot the bill.

Young people are being asked to buy insurance at a fairly low price. Those premiums would be used to help offset the cost of the insuring older people, such as their parents. Look upon it as payback time.

Now, with that said, it is important to look at health in general. We do everything to protect our children. However, as we get older, we do not do as much to keep ourselves healthy. We have picked up some bad habits along the way, such as smoking, eating too many sweets, drinking and failing to see a doctor.

Now, with that said, it is important to look at health in general. We do everything to protect our children. However, as we get older, we do not do as much to keep ourselves healthy. We have picked up some bad habits along the way, such as smoking, eating too many sweets, drinking and failing to see a doctor.

Most men should see a doctor more often than they do. However, the habit should start when they are young with the annual physical.

If everything checks out OK, you are probably good for a year, unless some unusual occurs, such as the pain, you cannot explain, an injury or some other condition. Because of the physical, the doctor now has a baseline for making comparisons.

If you start this tradition while, in your youth, you may prevent or at least delay the problems that come with age for many men such as high blood pressure, heart disease, elevated cholesterol, and other things that can lead to more serious problems.

Staying healthy is a challenge. There are some things we cannot control despite our precautions. However, there are things we can manage, that will allow us to work longer, if we choose, and see our children grow up. If you take your car in for a checkup every 10,000 miles, why not do the same for yourself. You will both last a lot longer if you do.

Getting an Education

KPK-govt-again-leads-in-education-over-other-provincesEveryone agrees, well almost everyone, getting an education is important. Many will add that getting a “good” education is more desirable than a “bad” education.

People do get bad educations, but it is not in schools and colleges.

The circumstances of life can lead to a failure in getting a poor education.

Actually, the saying should be that “getting educated” is vital to a good life. Many people get college degrees in subjects that might be interesting.

However, some courses prove to be of little use in the real world. There are exceptions. If a person plans a career in academia, where these courses are taught will prove to be useful. There is nothing wrong with that. Great ideas and discoveries have come from people who pursue that academic path. Everyone is not suited for that. We learn in grade school. High school and college are part of the classic education.

Getting educated is the real key to success. Getting educated is about how to manage money, live within your means, and spending weekends with your wife, and children is more important than playing golf for two days. Maybe you find golf relaxing, but there is no rule that says how much time you need to you need to relax.

Everyone is entitled to their down time, whether it’s watching televisions, playing golf, reading, or working in the garden.

When a person gets an education, he learns courses that are useful, such as math, sciences, English, geography and the other courses. Some people are exposed to a second language and have no trouble grasping it. The rest of us did our best to stay fluent in English.

Thus, there are two things you need. You need a formal education to learn the basic courses already named. A college education is important because it can, if approached in correctly, prepare you for your chosen career. You may find your first choice, was not the best decision.

That possibly mean taking some additional courses or finding a way of adapting what you have already d to another field. That The next thing is getting educated—recognizing that things change. A good number of college students will change their major during the first year or two. That should not disappoint parents. It means the student has recognized his real interests and abilities. Therefore, getting education, before getting an education has help to make a vital decision.

Making that decision is part of also the getting educated process. Thus, the term “getting educated,” means learning about yourself and the environment in which you live. Ultimately, it is learning to set a series of goals that you will try to meet over time.

As these goals are met, your overall knowledge increases. Thus “getting educated” never stops. You are always learning something new.

Buying Your Own Home

buy-homeBuying your own home, instead of renting a house or apartment, will be one of the best investments you will ever make.

There are a number of business reasons to consider:

1. The interest paid on the mortgage is tax deductible, so your income taxes will be lower.

2. Homes generally increase in value. There have been exceptions to this rule
over the past few years, but if you buy within your financial means and do not
expect a quick turnaround, then your investment will increase.

3. Making the monthly mortgage payments on time goes to improve or to keep your credit score at a good level.

4. You will pay some type of property taxes, depending on where you live, but that is tax deductible.

5. It is your home. You can hang pictures where you want. Pick out your own
curtains, carpets, etc. You are not limited by a list of landlord rules.

However, your own home becomes part of the family. In fact, it is a focal point for the family. It becomes an almost priceless family heirloom. It is will be the central meeting point for all members of the family, even as children grow up and move away.

The garage and attic will soon be filled with items some would call junk. They are treasures. Your collection of Christmas ornaments is probably in the attic, as is the framed picture someone gave you, which you cannot stand, but hang when the giver is coming for a visit.

It is a source of memories and somewhat sad thoughts about the future. What will the parents do when all the children grow up, get married and have their own children? Your home will no longer be the central meeting place. The children have moved not only out of the house, but out of the state.

As you get older, you know you need something smaller. However, the thought of leaving the house with so many memories can be heart breaking.

Thus, you have two plans of action that you must consider.

The first is how you are going to save enough for a down payment so you can buy a house. The second is how you are going to dispose of all the items accumulated and ultimately, the house.

Saving for a down payment is easy. You just save your money and remain diligent about putting it aside. Keep the car for six years and not five. Skip the fancy vacations. The savings will accumulate quicker than you think.

If you are just now buying a house, make the assumption you will have a long and fulfilling life and will raise your children well. When you are gone, let them deal with disposing of all the stuff that was accumulated over the years. That will take care of the second plan you had to make. Just make sure everyone knows where you put the important papers.